Columbus Suburban College Fair Committee

The High School Guidance Counselors on the Columbus Suburban College Fair Committee (see names in right column) volunteer their time to plan this exceptional fair. Students and their families in their respective high school communities benefit from this coordinated effort.

Committee members work on a multitude of tasks! Such as website coordination, facility preparedness [tablecloths, signage, man power] Police support, buses for transporting, Print materials and such to advertise the fair in the community, and beyond. Some tasks include maintaining the storage facility, inventory upkeep, and there are numerous administrative tasks [banking, insurance coverage, tax preparing, etc.]

On the day of the fair, the guidance counselors arrive early to organize set-up, student volunteers, and prepare for a full day that ends with a mass clean up! Planning of the following years Columbus Suburban College Fair begins almost immediately.

Because of their dedication and passion for students, this fair has grown each year and serves approximately 4,000 – 5,000 students and families.


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